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The OneDoor strategy is simple and gives you the ability to build a long–term wealth strategy using a property portfolio, but without risking the lot every time you reinvest.

“Our service is extensive and uses a proven approach
that GUARANTEES long–term success.”

Property is known to be the safest of all investment strategies. OneDoor will show you how you can own a tax deductible Investment Property WITHOUT risking your family home, using low risk strategies with proven profitable results.

Interest rates are at all time lows and 1,500 people each week are moving to Brisbane, making now an excellent time to build long-term wealth by investing in property. Are you in a GOOD position now, paying off your home as it steadily increases in value, but want to be in a GREAT position in your future?

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

You can create long term wealth starting NOW with property investment strategies that take into account your circumstances and the continued growth of Brisbane's property market.

Finance Strategies

Finance Strategies

Many investors borrow money incorrectly. The right finance strategy protects your family home and retains flexibility against unforeseen circumstances.

Property Management

Property Management

Proactive Property Management Tailored To Suit The Special Requirements Of Brisbane Property Investors.

Your opportunity to take advantage of low interest rates and build a long term wealth strategy is our business. If you are in the market to start building your investment portfolio we can take the headache out of the process by managing everything from start to finish.

The OneDoor Management Process:

  1. We’ll find the client and the right block of land through a very strict selection criteria.
  2. We’ll nominate a builder and suitable house design for that block of land (a new house is fully tax deductible back to our client).
  3. We then find the tenant who pays rent back to our client.
  4. We manage the rental property while you sit back and profit!

Property Values are Always Increasing

The median property prices in Brisbane have been increasing steadily since statistics were first recorded back in the early 1900’s, but within that steady rise there have been a few significant jumps in property values taking the price from $9,910 in 1970 to almost half a million dollars in 2008.

While there are always short term spikes and falls, the annual property averages will always increase making property the single most secure long term investment – full stop.

Property Investment Made Easy.
Let OneDoor take care of everything.