What is a Dual Income Property?


The Dual Occupancy Dwelling is a revolutionary product that fundementally changes the viability of investing in residential property.


When viewed from the road it appears to be a high-quality standard residential dwelling which means that it has been accepted by Queensland’s leading developers of owner-occupier land estates.


It’s when you look at the floor plan that the revolutionary design becomes clear. What appears to be one dwelling is in fact two dwellings.


Each home has its own entrance and complete facilities like laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living area and pavilion. Internally, a fire rated wall seperates each residence and provides excellent noise insulation, while externally a fence provides privacy in each back yard. Both homes have individually metered utilities such as electricity, gas and water.  



  • Cash flow POSITIVE

  • 2 Rental Incomes

  • Only 1 set of Expenses

  • Improved Depreciation

  • Substantial Tax Savings

  • Security of 'Bricks and Mortar'

  • Increased Resale Options